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금년 FAOPS2023의 행사준비가 진행되고 있는 와중에 IUPS2025에 대한 요청사항이 있어 이렇게 회람합니다.
IUPS2025 준비를 위해 pleanary와 keynote speaker에 대한 제안을 5월 15일까지 제안을 해달라는 요청을 받았습니다.
이번 요청사항에는 없지만 곧 진행될 대한생리학회를 대표하여 심포지움에 대한 제안도 필요한 사항입니다.
회원분들의 적극적인 제안을 부탁드립니다.

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Dear Society Presidents and Officers

Please find attached call for plenary and keynotes for IUPS 2025 in September 2025. Recent Physiological meetings like the 100th Anniversary of the Physiological Society of Japan have been a great success with many participants and the American Physiology summit next week has also attracted many registrations due to an excellent programme. This shows the need for, and the potential of big physiological meetings for facilitating scientific exchange and showcasing our discipline.

Of course, we are eager to present global physiology and the latest science at IUPS 2025 which will be organized in cooperation with Europhysiology.

To achieve this goal we need YOUR help. Please distribute the attached call to your society members NOW, enabling them to consider proposals and to submit them by May 15th. Thank you for your cooperation!

With best personal regards

Ulrich Pohl

Secretary General

Ulrich Pohl, FAPS, MAE
Prof(em) Cardiovascular Physiology
Biomedical Center, LMU Munich, Germany
Secretary General IUPS

Laura Davies
Assistant Director, Special Projects

International Union of Physiological Sciences

I work flexibly but my main working day for IUPS is Friday, when I will be available to respond to queries. 

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